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Virtual Addiction

Technology has had an enormous effect on how our world works today. However, in some cases it has also created a negative domino effect on our brain functionality. The continuous growth of gaming, phone streaming, social media, and virtual reality has caused many symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and obsessive natures to rapidly spread through our society.

To be virtually addicted simply means that an individual has become addicted to something virtual such as gaming, a phone, or social media. Sometimes these addictions can be cause by prior issues that give individuals the need to escape reality in order to avoid negative feelings or emotions. Compounding the issue are pseudo thoughts and feelings of achievement and success that engaging in virtual activities can bring. Many even begin to value the completion of a series, the attainment of a new level, or winning a game, more than achievements and friendships in the real world.

At Virtually Addicted, we are here to help you manage the emotions and impulses a virtual addiction creates. There are many similarities between virtual, alcohol, and drug addictions. Despite appearing rather insignificant, virtual addictions’ damaging effects require the same level of sensitivity as other addictions, which may seem more serious. Our experienced professionals use the same techniques in treating these addictions in order to rebuild a healthy, fulfilling life!

If you or a loved one is experiencing a virtual addiction, give us a call today. Our caring team is here to help!