About Us

At Virtually Addicted we offer individuals and groups a supportive environment where they will be able to open up and address the issues related virtual addictions. Our counselors are trained to sensitively work with people suffering from the symptoms caused by virtual addictions and will support you throughout the entire recovery process.

The services we offer can be done on both an individual and group basis and always revolve around the specific needs of the individual. Issues surrounding addiction often include physical and emotional triggers, past trauma, and other unresolved challenges. Quite often, even if these conditions and symptoms have not been recognized, there will be consequences which have an impact on multiple people, not just the person experiencing the addiction itself.

The therapy we offer at Virtually Addicted address the following:

  • Video Gaming Addictions
  • Screen-time Addictions
  • Social Media Addictions
  • Pornography Addictions

If you or a loved one are suffering from any of these virtual addictions, or if you are the victim of a virtual addiction, please reach out to us today. Our highly trained counselors are skilled and experienced in relieving all forms of addiction – including virtual addictions. When it comes to addiction recovery, there is never a time too early, or too late, to seek help. Don’t wait. Schedule an appointment and begin your road to recovery, today!