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Pornography Addiction

Pornography addiction, like any other addiction, destroys lives. It can have a huge emotional toll on a couple’s relationship, a family’s dynamics, and on a person’s ability to truly love. The addiction can cause embarrassment, loss of interest in physical intimacy, and deceit. Not only does it have and emotional effect, it can have financial, physical, and psychological ones as well. At Pornography Addiction Recovery, we have many ways to help guide you through the addiction treatment process. 

Some signs of pornography addiction include:

  • Spending large amounts of time looking at pornography
  • Not being able to stop using pornography
  • Becoming angry or hostile when confronted about the issue
  • Losing interest in intimacy with one’s partner
  • Losing interest in other social activities
  • Keeping pornography a secret from loved ones

There are an ever-growing number of pornographic websites online today, which makes the risk and prevalence of a porn addiction more prevalent today than ever. Pornography addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to break. A pornography addiction refers to the obsession of watching porn or acting on sexual thoughts in an uncontrollable manner. Not only can this effect an individual, but the people around them as well. If you or a loved one is being affected by a pornography addiction, reach out today for help.